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Trip to Japan

In the end of September 2014 we had wonderful chance to visit the dream country -Japan.
And this trip was not only touristic visit, but more than that: we participated in 52th Osaka Gift Show, where presented Lithuanian heritage mixed with modern style.


The exhibition  lasted for 2 days and after that we had chance to visit most beautiful towns Kyoto and Nara, both are the ancient capitals of Japan.

What was more interesting, we met nice people who became our friends and whom invited to visit Lithuania and also got many business contacts! 


Baltic Design Market

The organizers of the Baltic Design Market, the Salon Cosy Home, has set the aim to gather inventive, innovative and creative people who make original and beautiful things.
The Baltic Design Market is a pioneering event of such a format in Klaipeda, yet, hopefully, it will not be the last. Future plans draw directions to Palanga, Nida or even some foreign countries.


Floral party with M.Gvildys

Photo: R.Vaizgela

The last week of March 2013 we has special guest, Marijus Gvildys, who created wonderful floral compositions in front of us.
Please have a look at photos, they are amazing! 


Festival "Vilnius days"

The first week-end of September 2012 we participated in Vilnius Festival "Capital Days", in which not only showed and sold our linen items, but together with Vilnius Art Academy students showed weaving technique to all. The result was beautiful  2 meters long hand-woven linen carpet, where every who wanted could learn to weave by hand. Afetr the even the carpet is exhibited in Vilnius Art Academy, but after few weeks, it will be shown also in our Salon Cosy Home.
During this Festival also graphic artist Jurate Rekeviciute taught graphic technique. It was very interesting to all to meet famous artist and to speak with her!


Exhibition of Jurate Rekeviciute

Photo: D.Grigoniene

Cosy Home inhabited personal exhibition of Jurate Rekeviciute.
Subject is interesting and actual, our friend or enemy: Facebook.
Here emails, sms's, facebook messages were printed as a book for memory.
Jurate tells us that here is better place to save them than in virtual space.... 



Cosy Party with Marijus Gvildys

Photo: D.Grigoniene

Marijus Gvildys is famous florist not only in Lithuania. He teaches floral art in Canada, Italy, Russia, Poland.
But the cosy party in Cosy Home was not much about flowers. He taught us how to make little souvenirs, toys from paraffin with dried flowers, seeds and other little inclusions.
It was a real Cosy Home family party with much joy and laught.
We are grateful to Marijus that he found time to be with us and to share his secrets!


4th Birthday of Cosy Home

30th of May is the Birthday of Cosy Home, but this year we celebrated it a little bit later: 9th of June.
This Birthday party was special, because during of it we awarded young talents, who painted, drew their dream products of Cosy Home. All participants were awarded, but few of them received very special prizes and the hope that their works will become a reality in Cosy Home collection. After the award we saw very nice fashion show and had a big big Birthday cake!


Educational meeting about linen

Foto: A.Barzdzius

We arranged an educational meeting with the Ist class pupils from Saulės gymnasium and introduced the topic “Flax as mythical world tree”.


Christmas party

Photo: N.Freimanas
On 7th of December we celebrated Christmas party in our Cosy Home.
We are happy that we had the special guest - Santa Claus, who suprised us with many gifts, surprises, dances, games!


Lawyer Patlen

Photo: N.Freimanas
On October 19, 2010  „Cosy Home“ sheltered a beggared medieval lawyer Patlen.
The Medieval culture club „Youth-Hansa Kaunas“ invited to a medieval performance-farce „Lawyer Patlen”. This writing of an unknown author used to delight the public in market squares already in the XIII century and became so popular that outspreaded far away from its homeland France. Till the XV century inhabitants of even small towns in England, Italy and other European countries knew about the sweets and the bitters of lawyer Patlen. 


Competition of photographs

Here you see photos of all participats of compatition of photos "How nice and comfortable to wear linen!"


Exhibition in Norway

A week ago we returned from “Gift and Interior” exhibition in Oslo.

For us it was an anniversary exhibition, the 20-th. Knowing that, the organizers of the exhibition gave us an especially good place in a very central passage of hall B. It meant a great responsibility for us. We knew we would be all eyes, so we were getting ready for this event with special thoroughness.


Birthday party in Cosy Home

Photo: D.Grigoniene

On the last Friday in May the Cosy Home celebrated its three years birthday.


Dolls housed the Cosy Home

Recently not only the smell of spring with bright colours and pleasant flavours settled at the Cosy Home. There is one more piece of news – The Cosy Home was housed with dolls. The dolls are not just ordinary ones, they are from the graphics exhibition of Jūratė Rekevičiūtė  “A doll is alone at home”.


Presentation of the book “Šančių praeities takais”

Photo: N.Freimanas

On March 17, 2010 the Cosy Home  welcomed a guest from Vilnius – a professor urbanist Jurgis Vanagas, who presented his book “Šančių praeities takais” (“By past paths of Sanciai).Šančiai is the area of Kaunas, where our Salon is located.


Live music concert in the Cosy Home

Photo: N.Freimanas

On March 02,2010 we were entertained by a group SUBTILU-Z from Vilnius.

Everybody, who came to the Salon, had a really good time. Though it was still piercing outside, our hearts were warmed, cheered and exhilarated by sweet rhythms of music. We are grateful to the group for such a beautiful concert.